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Removal of Permanent Make-Up in Berlin

We remove your permanent make-up effectively and without scarring.

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Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent make-up is a lasting cosmetic pigmentation, usually on the face. Eyebrow or lip lines, for example, are defined or corrected. Many women, as well as men choose permanent make-up because they do not want to put on make-up every day. They want to look fresh and glowing at any time. Since permanent make-up is on the face and therefore exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, it fades in time. However, it will not disappear completely. Medical pigmentation is another form of permanent make-up. It is used to draw on hairs after the loss of eyebrows, to retouch scars or reconstruct mammilla.

What is Microblading?

Compared to permanent makeup where pigment is implanted into the skin with a machine, microblading uses a precision hand tool (a blade formed of tiny needles) instead of a machine. With these tiny needles, pigment is deposited into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair. The advantage over permanent makeup is that you can add very fine hairs.

The disadvantage, however, is that without a machine, it is not possible to control the depth to which the needles go. It depends on the cosmetician’s experiences and skills. If the blades go too deep, the skin can be seriously damaged and scarring may occur. If you have had microblading that is too intense or dark, Pure & Beautiful can lighten or remove the pigments within a few treatments, provided your microblading is at least six weeks old.

Help After Failed Pigmentation

Permanent make-up is put into the skin with a very fine needle. It takes a lot of experience and a very still hand. If one of these things is missing, a pigmentation can fail very quickly. In this case, the eyebrows are either too high or asymmetrical and consequently, they look unnatural. In cases like this, the specialists of Pure & Beautiful® recommend laser correction in order to remove the poorly executed permanent make-up safely and without scaring.

Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

Removal of Cosmetic Permanent Make-Up

At Pure & Beautiful®, only well-trained, experienced specialists remove cosmetic permanent make-up. They use the most modern and highly-effective laser technology, which allows gentle, non-scarring, complete removal of pigmentation. The color pigments are shot with ultra-short light impulses of the Nd: YAG. The laser ray can select the color, heat it, and destroy it so that it falls apart into very small parts. Because of this, the color pigments are so small that the phagocytes can absorb them and they will be removed through your lymphatic system. The laser treatment is very gentle to your skin and almost painless. The surrounding tissue stays unaffected and is not injured. After each treatment, the color lightens up more and more until it is removed completely. Several laser sessions are needed to remove a permanent make-up completely. The number depends on the color, kind, and depth of the pigmentation and on the responsiveness of the body’s immune system to remove the color particles. The treatments take place at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. After each laser treatment you get a detailed and customized after-care plan.

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Before and After

Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Permanent makeup removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin


"This is the perfect place to get rid of something on your skin you don’t like anymore or to complete an old story. I was welcomed very openly and I felt good and safe right from the beginning. My sensitivity was paid attention to with tenderness. I had five treatments and I am very satisfied with the result."

Gina Gravenhorst

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"We are looking forward to every single treatment. It is great to see how our tattoos are disappearing little by little."
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"After comparing different companies in the Internet I decided on Pure & Beautiful. My tattoos got inked very deeply, however, I am satisfied with the result. I would absolutely recommend Pure & Beautiful."

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"My first tattoo was a disaster - a huge black spot. Thanks to Pure & Beautiful, this is history now."

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"With the removal of my old tattoos I finally feel good again. I don't feel like hiding under so many clothes anymore."

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"Sometimes something old must go so that something new can come into being. I am looking forward to space for my new tattoo."

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"Now my old tattoos are finally gone. What a great feeling."

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