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ND: YAG Laser

Tattoo Removal Made in Germany at Pure & Beautiful

Latest Equipment for Flawless Results

We only let our specially trained, qualified personnel use our specially chosen methods treat your skin. With Pure & Beautiful, you can be sure that your treatments always comply with the latest standards. Our innovative laser system from Germany to remove your tattoo includes just a few treatment steps. At the same time, we achieve excellent results with our precise laser when removing permanent makeup.

Laser Treatment Has Proved Itself

Just a few decades ago, a tattoo was considered a lifelong body paint. Today, however, it is possible to restore your original complexion. If you have been struggling with a tattoo for years, you are happy to give you the opportunity not only to cover up the tattoo, but remove it completely.

Gentle Laser Technique from Germany

Trust our technique and our experience when restoring your natural skin color. The BiAxis Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system is efficient and highly precise. It is especially gentle and almost painless. It is capable of little by little completely removing a tattoo. Come in and see for yourself the excellent results of this laser.

Our Cold Air System for Gentle Treatment

We choose our equipment to meet the highest demands of performance, safety, and precision. In our studio, we combine the performance of a high-quality laser system with the analgesic effect of a cryogenic device from Zimmer. During the treatment, the Cryo 6 ensures all you feel is a pleasant coolness on the skin. Therefore, you hardly notice the heat generation of the laser.

See For Yourself

We know that some of you have struggled a long time to remove undesired tattoos. Maybe you had even already tried, but you were not satisfied with the result. Or you doubt your tattoo can be removed at all. We look forward to sharing our conditions and opportunities in an initial counseling interview.

You will be able to see firsthand our expertise and our hygienic, modern equipment before your treatment begins. Start your transformation with confidence in our experience and excellent technology.

Take the first step! Write an email or call us and arrange an appointment for a counseling interview. Here we can evaluate your goals and answer your questions together.

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Advantages of a Laser Treatment With Pure & Beautiful:

  • the most modern laser technology made in Germany
  • effective and precise treatments
  • almost painless technique
  • gentle and soft
  • quick and visible success
  • suitable for all types of skin
  • removal of different colors
  • short treatments

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What Our Patients Say

"We are looking forward to every single treatment. It is great to see how our tattoos are disappearing little by little."
Claudia & Stephan

"After comparing different companies in the Internet I decided on Pure & Beautiful. My tattoos got inked very deeply, however, I am satisfied with the result. I would absolutely recommend Pure & Beautiful."

"My first tattoo was a disaster - a huge black spot. Thanks to Pure & Beautiful, this is history now."

"With the removal of my old tattoos I finally feel good again. I don't feel like hiding under so many clothes anymore."

"Sometimes something old must go so that something new can come into being. I am looking forward to space for my new tattoo."

"Now my old tattoos are finally gone. What a great feeling."

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At Pure & Beautiful tattoos and permanent make-up have been removed with great care, passion and most modern laser technology since 2011. My goal is to see my patients happy again.

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