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    ND YAG Laser

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ND: YAG Laser

Tattoo Removal Made in Germany at Pure & Beautiful

Tattoo removal and removal of permanent make-up with modern, effective and soft BiAxis Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system made in Germany. To remove a tattoo or permanent make-up gently and precisely, a modern and effective laser system is required. For this reason Pure & Beautiful has decided for a safe and high-performance laser system made in Germany – the BiAxis QS Medical Laser.

Advantages of a Laser Treatment With Pure & Beautiful:

  • the most modern laser technology made in Germany
  • effective and precise treatments
  • almost painless technique
  • gentle and soft
  • quick and visible success
  • suitable for all types of skin
  • removal of different colors
  • short treatments

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What Our Customers Say

Claudia & Stephan - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

"We are looking forward to every single treatment. It is great to see how our tattoos are disappearing little by little."
Claudia & Stephan

Borja - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

"After comparing different companies in the Internet I decided on Pure & Beautiful. My tattoos got inked very deeply, however, I am satisfied with the result. I would absolutely recommend Pure & Beautiful."

Grit - Testimonial zu Pure to Beautiful in Berlin

"My first tattoo was a disaster - a huge black spot. Thanks to Pure & Beautiful, this is history now."

Justine - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

"With the removal of my old tattoos I finally feel good again. I don't feel like hiding under so many clothes anymore."

Paul - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

"Sometimes something old must go so that something new can come into being. I am looking forward to space for my new tattoo."

Ravi - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

"Now my old tattoos are finally gone. What a great feeling."

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At Pure & Beautiful tattoos and permanent make-up have been removed with great care, passion and most modern laser technology since 2011. My goal is to see my clients happy again.

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