• Paul - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful Berlin

    "Sometimes something old must go so that something new can come into being. I am looking forward to space for my new tattoo."

  • Justine - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful Berlin

    "With the removal of my old tattoos I finally feel good again. I don't feel like hiding under so many clothes anymore."

  • Claudia & Stepfan - Testimonial to Pure & Beautiful Berlin
    Claudia & Stephan

    "We are looking forward to every single treatment. It is great to see how our tattoos are disappearing little by little."

General Terms and Conditions of Pure & Beautiful®

§ 1 General

The contractor offers and delivers her services to the client to the best of her knowledge and belief.

§ 2 Payment

The client has to pay in cash or by EC card (debit card) after each treatment session.

§ 3 Making an Appointment

(1) Appointments are binding. Changes and cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance.

(2) The appointments for the single laser treatments are made by the contractor and the client by mutual agreement. The agreement can be written down or by word-of-mouth. The client has to keep a written down appointment as well as a word-of-mouth appointment.

(3) If the client cannot keep an appointment s/he has to inform the contractor by phone or email at least 48 hours before the agreed upon appointment (on weekdays Monday to Friday). If the client breaks the appointment without informing the contractor in time then the client has to compensate the contractor with 75 % of the expected treatment expenses. The statutory provisions regarding the contractor’s duty to avert, minimize or mitigate loss remain unaffected.

(4) In case of sickness the client must submit a medical certificate.

§ 4 Length of a Treatment Unit / Delay of the Client

(1) The time of the treatment starts with the appointed arrival time of the client. When the client is delayed then the starting time of the originally made appointment applies. The missed time will only be caught up if this does not negatively affect the following planned activities. A negative affect would be when the following clients would be forced to wait for their appointment slots.

(2) In the case that the missed time caused by the clients’ delay cannot be caught up, the contractor has the right to demand the full price of the treatment.

§ 5 Delivery of Service

The contractor does not have to perform the laser treatment. The contractor has the right to engage a third party with the execution of the contract.

§ 6 Number of Treatments / No Guarantee for Success

(1) The number of the necessary treatments depends on the size, kind and colors of the tattoo and on the client’s physical preconditions. Depending on the circumstances several treatment units are necessary for the removal of the tattoo. The contractor does not guarantee the success of the treatment.

§ 7 Disclaimer

(1) Client’s claims are excluded. This disclaimer applies also to the contractor’s assistants in case that the client enforces claims against them.

(2) Claims resulting from the damage of life, body and health as well as claims resulting from the violation of essential contractual obligations are excluded from the disclaimer under point (1). Essential contractual obligations are such which are necessary for the fulfillment of the aims of the contract.

(3) The disclaimer also excludes the liability for claims which result from an intended or grossly negligent violation of obligations by the contractor or her assistants.

§ 8 The Client’s Obligation and Assurance

(1) The client commits himself/herself to inform the contractor about illnesses and allergies that could conflict with the treatment before the beginning of the treatment.

(2) The client assures that all the information s/he gave in the as „Customer Statement“ named document are true and complete.

§ 9 Data Privacy

(1) In order to carry out the contract, the contractor will collect the client’s data.

(2) Without the client’s permission the contractor will not use the client’s data for marketing, marketing and opinion research. The same applies to the circulation of data to a third party.

§ 10 Severability Clause

If a provision of this Agreement is, or becomes illegal or unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement.

With effect from January 1st, 2018