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    "My skin and I feel completely good here and professionally treated."

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    "In life, sometimes one makes a decision that one regrets in the future. Here I can revise such a decision."

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    "With a failed tattoo on my foot, I couldn’t think of wearing sandals. Finally this time has passed."

Tattoo Removal in Berlin

Remove a tattoo regardless of age, size and quality - gently and without scarring.

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Consultation for tattoo removal in Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

Counseling Interview

Each tattoo or permanent make-up removal requires a counseling interview. You will be informed and advised about the whole treatment process and any possible adverse effects. In case you cannot imagine what a tattoo removal feels like, we are prepared to perform a sample treatment.

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Tattoo removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

Tattoo Removal

By using the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser, which was developed especially for tattoo removal, we offer a highly effective way of gentle and scar-free tattoo removal. A special feature of this laser is the choice of wave lengths which allows the removal of light and dark colors. Therefore, almost every tattoo is removable. The color pigments are shot with ultra-short light impulses, which causes the color particles to break up into very small parts. Your body recognizes these small parts as foreign bodies and removes them through your lymphatic system. The surrounding tissue remains unaffected and is not injured. Usually laser treatment is perceived as almost painless.

This modern technology offers you optimal security and highest efficiency.

One session lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo. Based on the quality of the tattoo, about 6 to 12 treatments are necessary to remove a tattoo. The colors used, the kind and deepness of the pigmentation, the quality of the tattoo, and the responsiveness of the body’s immune system to remove the color particles bear a great influence on the length of treatment. The treatments should take place at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. This way, the skin gets enough time to regenerate. At each treatment, the tattoo lightens more and more until it is removed completely.

Follow-up of the tattoo removal at Pure & Beautiful in Berlin


It is important that you keep the treated area dry for 48 hours. Up to 12 weeks afterwards, you should avoid direct sunlight and you should not use a solarium. You will receive a detailed and customized after-care plan after each treatment.

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Number of Treatments

For a complete tattoo removal, several treatments are necessary. The number of treatments depends on the following factors:

  • age of the pigmentation
  • quality of the colors
  • deepness of the pigmentation
  • amount of the color
  • responsiveness of one's own immune system
  • quality of the tattoo (professional or unprofessional tattoo)

The Course of a Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal in Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Tattoo removal Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Tattoo removal Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Tattoo removal Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Tattoo removal Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Tattoo removal Pure & Beautiful in Berlin
Tattoo removal Pure & Beautiful in Berlin


"I went rather skeptical and scared of the laser treatments. I could not believe that my 20 year-old tattoo could somehow be removed, however, the result is astonishing. After 8 treatments this old tattoo is gone. Especially the result after the first treatment was incredible. I was surprised that on the day of the treatment not much could be seen, however, during the days and weeks after, the tattoo has been fading more and more. Somehow the body removes the pigments little by little.

I was afraid of pain and sometimes it has been painful, however, I could tolerate the pain and it is worth it considering the result – no scar, nothing. It is just gone.

I am very thankful that this kind of tattoo removal exists. Mrs Moritz works very precisely.

Thanks a lot!"

Dr. Anke Heese

What Our Patients Say

"After comparing different companies in the Internet I decided on Pure & Beautiful. My tattoos got inked very deeply, however, I am satisfied with the result. I would absolutely recommend Pure & Beautiful."

"We are looking forward to every single treatment. It is great to see how our tattoos are disappearing little by little."
Claudia & Stephan

"Sometimes something old must go so that something new can come into being. I am looking forward to space for my new tattoo."

"Personally, I was looking for a way to remove a blown-out on my tattoo since very long time, trying to look for info on internet and asking tattoo artist. The answer was always quite uncertain. Simone, helped me very professionally, kindly, and easily explained what the problem on my tattoo was. She helped me to fix a tattoo that I really love and that now I like even more. So I will never say thank you enough!"
Giulia Hartz

"Have successfully removed a part of a tattoo. The price of the laser treatment is very fair, and the therapy itself quick and almost painless. You are reminded of your appointment ahead of time, which is very convenient. The clinic itself is very clean and comfy, and Mrs. Moritz is professional and very congenial. Highly recommended."
Maria Leybenson

"I contacted this studio to tidy up an existing tattoo. Simone was consistently professional, cheerful, and responded quickly to all my questions and requests. The customer service was flawless (a rare treat in this city!) and the studio was spotless (another rare treat). Highly recommended: you're in safe hands here."
Tabi G

Contacting Pure & Beautiful in Berlin

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At Pure & Beautiful tattoos and permanent make-up have been removed with great care, passion and most modern laser technology since 2011. My goal is to see my patients happy again.

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